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Music Pedagogy in Adult Education

On the basis of music pedagogical research as well as trainers’ areas of interest when it comes to including songs, melodies, rhythms and lyrics in adult education, this Methodology highlights, among others, the following aspects:
– the role of music in building resilience in adult learners,
– the possibilities of promoting physical awareness and relaxation through movement and dance,
– synergies between language acquisition and music education.
The résumé elaborates on the conclusions drawn from the results for the development of the didactic material in the Music Box, which is also to be designed within the framework of the project.

Download the Methodology here:

Survey Among Adult Educators

Trainers’ Perspectives on Music Pedagogy in Adult Education

During spring and summer 2022, we conducted a survey among adult educators in the partner countries Austria and Spain as a starting point for all further project activities. We were interested, in how far trainers already use music and/or music pedagogy in their teaching routine with their groups
and how they evaluate the acceptance, benefits and challenges of music based approaches among the target group. Throughout following pages, we will describe the results obtained and the conclusions extracted from the data collected by the participating trainers. The survey reached a wide number of participants: A total of 105 adult education teachers completed the survey carried out through the Google Forms platform. With 77.2 % of the respondents, the vast majority agreed that music pedagogical aspects can support learning processes. Respondents clearly indicated the benefits of music in supporting emotional processes, increasing concentration and attention, creating a positive learning environment, increasing motivation and supporting the cognitive learning process. More than 80 % of the respondents expressed interest in receiving music education materials and didactic suggestions. It is now important to build on the suggestions highlighted by the participants as part of the development of the project outcomes.
You can download the detailed analysis here:

Partner Meeting in Vienna

Our participants met in Vienna last year 2022 in order to start working on the different work packages.

Workshop in Teruel

During the summer semester 2022, Orient Express and CFPA Jordi de Sant Jordi organized music workshops to introduce our project and its aims to its intended target group on the one hand and to collect the songs that are going to shape the main product of our project, Music box on the other.
We chose tangible content and musical elements to work with for these workshops. Every workshop consisted of a group dynamic activity, some voice- and body warm-up exercises, dance, a part, where participants played music together with elementary music education instruments (such as Guiro, Djembe, Maracas, Caxixi, claves and etc.) and a part, where participants introduced their most favourite songs.
The learners stated that the experience was new to them. They participated actively in the workshops although some of them were shy to use their voice or had some doubts at the beginning. Based on our experience creating an environment where they were able to use and bring out their personal abilities and qualities (such as their voice and the languages they speak) and on the top of that the experience of sharing a
piece of music from their culture made it possible for both sides to connect with each other quickly. Thank to our multilingual and divers target group, we were able to collect songs in 10 different languages from different parts of the world and from different times.

Music box

Here you can find a selection of the songs we have collected so far for this project:

YouTube channel

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on: vocal and body warm-up exercises, writing lyrics and our favorite dance moves!