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Survey Among Adult Educators

During spring and summer 2022, we conducted a survey among adult educators in the partner countries Austria and Spain as a starting point for all further project activities. We were interested, in how far trainers already use music and/or music pedagogy in their teaching routine with their groups
and how they evaluate the acceptance, benefits and challenges of music based approaches among the target group. Throughout following pages, we will describe the results obtained and the conclusions extracted from the data collected by the participating trainers. The survey reached a wide number of participants: A total of 105 adult education teachers completed the survey carried out through the Google Forms platform. With 77.2 % of the respondents, the vast majority agreed that music pedagogical aspects can support learning processes. Respondents clearly indicated the benefits of music in supporting emotional processes, increasing concentration and attention, creating a positive learning environment, increasing motivation and supporting the cognitive learning process. More than 80 % of the respondents expressed interest in receiving music education materials and didactic suggestions. It is now important to build on the suggestions highlighted by the participants as part of the development of the project outcomes.
You can download the detailed analysis here:

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