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Music box

When somebody thinks about singing or improvising instrumental music within the context of a classroom, the image that comes to mind is a professional musician facilitating the session, showing great mastery when guiding the group of participants. Few opportunities for those trainers with no musical background, though… Nonetheless, one of the objectives of the project Ham Avaaz is to spread and enhance the use of music in adult education by non-musicians. Thus, the big question… Read More »Music box

Music box selection

Introduction This is a little selection that we will be growing and updated as long as the project grows itself. Name of the song language Link if available ? Kurdish Link Hatha el Helo Arabic Link Bache Kabul Dari Link Ajde Jano Serbian Link  Ayrilik Azerbaijani Link  Daye daye vaghte djange(دایه دایه وقت جنگه) Luri Link  Lewjah Tani Arabic Link По барам Ukrainian Link Fatou yo Balanta – (Senegalese) Link Bache Kabul Dari Link Yalla… Read More »Music box selection