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Welcome to Ham’Avaaz

This is the first post of the post series, that we are going to share with you on our music pedagogy project Ham’avaaz. The persian word ham’avaaz refers to two or more people, who sing together. Ham’avaaz is a transcultural project, which aims to expand the creativity and self-efficacy of basic education participants and language learners. Through their active participation we want to achieve a learning environment, where music and language learning can be combined. 

The main outcomes of the project will be a publication with the title: Music pedagogy in the basic education and language learning, and 20 music pedagogical teaching units based on songs collected from basic education trainers, called Music box. Music box could be considered as the main result of the project and will be containing body and vocal warm-ups, articulation exercises, rhythm and pronunciation exercises and also text-based exercises amongt others. 

Our first get together was in May 2022 in Vienna, where we got the chance to get to know each other and spent two days with one another talking about the development of our new-born project. 

Right after our transnational project meeting in Vienna, we started working on an online survey about the use of music pedagogy in basic and adult education among adult educators. We were able to reach more that 100 adult educators through this survey. Based on the information gathered from them, we are working on our publication at the moment. 

Soon we will start with our music pedagogy workshops and collecting participant’s favourite songs. These songs would be the base of our projects’ core, Music box. 

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