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“Ham’avaaz – Polyphonic” is a transcultural music project, which aims to expand the creativity and self-efficacy of basic education and language learners. It aims to focus on inclusion and create a more diverse learning atmosphere by engaging groups of learners from diverse cultural backgrounds, working on a variety of songs, multilingual lyrics, instruments and rhythms. At the same time, the methodology offers creative ways of working with text and vocabulary in learners’ second language The Persian term Ham’avaaz has two meanings: while it refers to someone who sings with another person, it may also indicate that two people agree on an issue. We have chosen this double signification to title a transcultural music project, which aims to expand the creativity and self-efficacy of basic education participants and language learners, assuring their active participation through linguistic and music pedagogical methods.

The project pursues:

to achieve an appreciative learning environment in the field of basic education and language learning for educationally disadvantaged adults who have frequently faced discriminatory and negative learning experiences, through an innovative combination of music and language learning.
– to strengthen learning competences and memory strategies for educationally disadvantaged learners in various adult education settings (literacy, basic education, second language acquisition etc.)
to foster social competences, such as developing participants’ articulation skills with regard to their feelings, opinions, expressions and dialogues. At the same time, the applied methodologies aim at enhancing learners’ ability to listen more actively, processing and analyzing information in a social context.
– to help participants recognize, acknowledge and use their potential resources and capabilities, such as the ability of using one’s own voice, sense of rhythm, or multilingualism.
– to establish transcultural and social dialogue, by using a variety of different linguistic and cultural elements, making comparisons, finding similarities, combining and reforming them into a new output.

Opening up a polyphonic space, Ham’avaaz wishes to create a safe learning environment that underlines transcultural relations. Through the development and transfer of a methodology on how to implement and benefit from music pedagogy in basic education and language learning classrooms, the project aims at improving the competences of adult educators. By designing practice-based exercises and didactic suggestions, it expands learning opportunities tailored to the needs of basic education participants.

Ham’avaaz – Polyphonic is funded by the adult education programme of Erasmus+.

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